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Gas Burner Cover

We are Gas Burner Cover manufacturer from China. We have been export Gas Burner Cover to Americas, Europe, Middle East for many years. Our Gas Burner Cover have good quality with reasonable price.
All of our Gas Burner Cover as per sabaf design.The working of burners is based on two innovative principals:
-  the entrainment of primary air from above the appliance top surface
- the radial venturi
The burner is composed of:
- injector-holder cup die-cast in aluminium-silicon alloy
- flamespreader die-cast in aluminium-nickel alloy
We supply OEM service of Gas Burner Cover for you. We have rich experience in manufacturing Gas Burner Cover. We dedicate ourselves to manufacture and supply of Gas Burner Cover with nice service.If you need Gas Burner Cover,please email us.
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